space weather

A Giant Sun Storm During the Vietnam War Likely Exploded Dozens of Mines

“The extreme space weather events of early August 1972 had significant impact on the US Navy, which have not been widely reported.”
Becky Ferreira

When It Dies, Our Sun Will Probably Look Like This Glowing, Gassy Cloud

Astronomers have debated the problem of planetary nebulae, in regards to our own sun, for a quarter-decade.
Samantha Cole
Sun Flares

Scientists Isolate the Mechanism Behind the Sun’s Most Mysterious Flares

As our civilization increasingly depends on electronic infrastructure, we need to brace for the impacts of space weather.
Becky Ferreira
space weather

Canada Will Study How Solar Storms Threaten Our Energy Grid

“Our technology is getting more advanced, so we’re more susceptible to space weather.”
Kate Lunau
wandering stars

In 1.3 Million Years, the Solar System Will Briefly Contain Two Stars

It won’t be the first time the Sun has had its personal space invaded.
Becky Ferreira
the final countdown

Astronomers Snap the Most Detailed Image of an Alien Star Yet

Life comes at you fast when you are a red supergiant star.
Becky Ferreira
postcards from the totality

I Spoke to Eclipse Enthusiasts Who Road Tripped to the Path of Totality

"It’s just the idea of seeing something that primal."
Caroline Haskins

Which Part of Your Life the Solar Eclipse Will Ruin, According to Astrology

No one gets a free ride when it comes to Monday's total solar eclipse. Still, being prepared for the impending emotional turbulence can't hurt.
Leila Ettachfini
total eclipse 2017

How to Make a Pair of DIY Glasses to View the Solar Eclipse

And not burn out your eyeballs.
Jacob Dubé

'Big and Weird,' Today's Comic by Benny Montero

Froggy and friends are in awe of the world outside.
Benny Montero
Path of Totality

Inside the Thriving Subculture of Eclipse Chasers

“The experience is just so powerful that it becomes a major driving force in our lives.”
Becky Ferreira
Lost Worlds

‘Rogue Planets’ Are Roaming Our Galaxy

And astronomers have found an ingenious way to spot them.
Becky Ferreira