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Austra's "I Love You More Than You Love Yourself" Video is a Compassionate Portrait of an Astronaut's Depression

The clip for the 'Future Politics' highlight was inspired by the story of former NASA captain Lisa Nowak.
Max Mertens

Austra Wants Listeners to Shake Off Apathy and Build a More Utopian World

Katie Stelmanis on the books, beats, and cities that inspired her synth-pop project's third LP 'Future Politics.'
Denise Benson

This Singer Inserts Himself Into Iconic Album Covers For His New Music Video

Moon Bounce, a.k.a. Corey Regensburg recreates music’s most outrageous album art in his new ‘Drugs’ music video.
Nathaniel Ainley

THUMP Mix: Austra

Ahead of the Toronto outfit's upcoming LP, Katie Stelmanis shares an hour of Mexican rancheras, European club beats, and Canadian indigenous music.
Max Mertens
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Jessy Lanza Announces 'Oh No No No' Remix EP, Shares Morgan Geist "I Talk BB" Rework

The Canadian synth-pop singer and producer's three-song release comes out Dec. 9 via Hyperdub.
Max Mohenu

Toronto's DIANA Unlock the Secrets to Their Sophomore Album with Exclusive Dance Mix

From Theo Parrish to Via App, 60 minutes of tracks that inspired the synth-pop trio's forthcoming LP 'Familiar Touch.'
Max Mohenu
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Chrissy & Hawley's Self-Titled Debut Album is a Karaoke-Ready Burst of Summer Synth-Pop

Ahead of its release next month on The Nite Owl Diner.
Krystal Rodriguez
thump exclusive stream

Scott Hardware’s 'Mutate Repeat Infinity' Is a Dance-Pop Meditation on Capitalism and Queerness

Stream the Toronto musician’s intimate EP before it comes out June 24 on Banko Gotiti Records.
Benjamin Boles

Rostam Batmanglij, Dave Sitek, and More Give a Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Making of Santigold's '99¢'

The producers of the globetrotting singer's third studio album look inside the sessions that spawned the wonderfully jarring record.
Max Mertens
thump exclusive mix

Listen to Synth-Pop Duo Electric Youth's Cinematic 'Story of the Runaways' Mix

Over an hour of music inspired by the Oscar-nominated 1984 documentary 'Streetwise.'
Max Mertens
thump exclusive mix

Toronto's Prince Innocence Made a Mix for the "Heartbroken and Empty"

"For that moment at the shitty condo after-party when you look around and everyone's skin looks green."
Max Mertens
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Goldroom Is a Beach-Tinted Songwriter, But Don’t Label Him Tropical House

"I could write a song that's as good as 'Free Fallin'' or 'Wonderwall,' then I can die happy."
Rachael D’Amore