2 days ago

Here's How Trump's 'Great' Syria Ceasefire Deal Is Going 24 Hours Later

Critics say it’s a capitulation to Ankara that renders the U.S.’ abandonment of the Kurds virtually complete.

3 days ago

Erdoğan Threw Trump's Wild 'Warning' Letter in the Trash and Invaded Syria Anyway

The response doesn’t bode well for Vice President Pence, who has gone to Ankara to persuade Erdoğan to halt his assault on the Kurds.

4 days ago

Turkey Warns the U.S. Not to Interfere With Syria Invasion: 'No Power Can Stop Us'

The Turkish president has ruled out a ceasefire and refused to meet with Mike Pence. Meanwhile, Russia is filling the vacuum left by Trump's troop withdrawal.


Trump Is Scrambling to Undo the Chaos He Unleashed in Northern Syria

A week after green-lighting Turkey's invasion of northern Syria, Trump is demanding an end to it, and threatening to wreck the Turkish economy with sanctions.


Turkey's Brutal Offensive Is Already a Disaster for the Kurds, a U.S. Ally

Beyond the rising death toll, the assault has sparked a mass exodus of civilians, with at least 70,000 people having fled border towns.


The U.S. Extracted the ISIS Beatles Before Turkey Started Bombing

The two notorious ISIS executioners were moved to U.S. custody amid fears of mass ISIS prison breaks during Turkey's invasion of Syria.


Turkey's Offensive Against the Kurds in Syria is Underway and Already Deadly

President Erdoğan launched airstrikes and sent in troops after Trump pulled U.S. forces from the region, abandoning a key ally in the fight against ISIS.


Trump’s Pullout From Northern Syria Is a Disaster for the Kurds and a Gift to ISIS

“ISIS has been waiting for this,” said one anti-ISIS campaigner who fought for Kurdish forces. “It’s going to be a nightmare.”


Under Siege Inside Idlib — The Last Rebel Stronghold In Syria

“It’s an indescribable fear”