The Magic Hour Issue

The Magic Hour Issue

Is My Sense of Humor Going to Put Me in Prison?

Chris Nieratko
The Magic Hour Issue

’Choke Trauma

Oh hey, what's in your salad? Are those white things artichokes? Well, shoot. I'd be all over that salad if it weren't for those 'chokes.
Ryan Grim
The Magic Hour Issue

A Country Flees Its History of Corruption

The Albanian economy is booming, but organized crime is a major export of this growing global power.
Roberto Saviano
The Magic Hour Issue

Fiction: 'The Fair'

"The dressy clothes, the parties, the cigars, the jacked-up prices in the hotels and restaurants, the disappointing food were all of a piece. It was exhausting and repetitive and depressing—and no one in publishing would have missed it for the world."
Jonathan Galassi
The Magic Hour Issue

My Attempt to Become a Better Person Through CrossFit

I decided to try CrossFit, because it seemed frightening and intense, which is the opposite of my life.
Edith Zimmerman
The Magic Hour Issue

Syria's First Responders Welcome Female Recruits

The women of the Syrian Civil Defense have to stabilize patients on the back of pickup trucks amid missile showers while dealing with a culture that says such situations are no place for women.
Flaminia Giambalvo
The Magic Hour Issue

The Rising Tide of Open-Water Drug Busts

The intercontinental battle to stop cocaine from coming from South America to Europe by boat.
Max Daly
The Magic Hour Issue

When Malcolm X Met the Nazis

A look at the strange alliance between the Nation of Islam and the American Nazi Party.
Sam McPheeters
The Magic Hour Issue

A Sneak Peek at Some Upcoming VICE Documentaries

This month we'll be looking at industrial fishing in Mozambique, radioactive waste in New York, reindeer meat in Sweden, and more.
VICE Staff
The Magic Hour Issue

How to Beat a Lie Detector Test

A story of illegal drugs, youthful mistakes, Texas prison, polygraph machines, a Jewish mother, and one road trip gone extremely awry.
Theodore Ross
The Magic Hour Issue

Portraits of Some of the World's Most Toned Women

Photographer Jen Davis goes behind the scenes at the 2015 Ms. International competition.
Jen Davis
The Magic Hour Issue

Colombia's Only Forensic Geologist Searches for His Country's Disappeared People

Where do you start when you're looking for 68,000 lost souls?
Juan Pablo Gallón