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Here Are the 41 Websites You Can't Access in Cuba

A new report looks at how the internet is censored on the island nation.


Newly Uncovered Tor Browser Exploit Targeted Dark Web Child Porn Site

The Tor Project issued an urgent patch for a new exploit targeting some users of the Tor Browser.


Turks Are Flocking to Tor After Government Orders Block of Anti-Censorship Tools

As usual, online censorship seems to have a “Streisand effect” for tools that allow netizens to circumvent blocks.


Tor Project and Mozilla Making It Harder for Malware to Unmask Users

By making tweaks to how the Tor Browser connects to the anonymity network.


Why Do London Airports Block the Tor Project's Website?

Both Heathrow and Stansted block websites distributing privacy-focused technology.


Over 100 Snooping Tor Nodes Have Been Spying on Dark Web Sites

Researchers uncovered malicious hidden service directories that uncover meant-to-be-secret dark web sites.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, Hillary Clinton wins the Puerto Rico primary, civilians trying to flee Fallujah have been killed by ISIS, a surprise Kanye gig in NYC had to be canceled after thousands of fans shut down the East Village, and more.


The CloudFlare and Tor Stalemate Is Harming Users

The Tor Project and CloudFlare have yet to resolve a debate over how best to secure Tor traffic, and users wait in the balance.


Tor Project Patches Worrying Bug in Its Website

Cross-site scripting issues with the Tor Project's site were patched after being announced publicly by a researcher.


This Virtual Phone Within Your Android Lets You Use Tor More Securely

Privacy conscious and paranoid Android users have a new way to be anonymous and more secure.


How You Can Help Make Tor Faster for $10 a Month

A guide for how to set up your own Tor relay.


The Tor Project Is Starting a Bug Bounty Program

White hat hackers who discover vulnerabilities in Tor applications could get paid for their work.