True Mysteries... from Space!


Alien Hunters Spent the Last Century Looking for the Black Knight Satellite

Is it a 13,000-year-old blanket from outer space? Maybe.


Ghosts in the Roscosmos

Conspiracy theorists ask: How many cosmonauts were really claimed by the early Soviet Space Program?


Why Is There a Mysterious Supervoid in the Middle of the Universe?

A big ‘ol sphere of nothingness 1.8 billion light years across might explain a longstanding mystery about the formation of the universe—but its existence is a mystery in itself.


Radio Ghosts Have Haunted the Airwaves for Nearly a Century

No one knows who or what is responsible for long-delayed echoes in radio transmissions.


An 'Alien Artifact' Is Going to Pass Earth in 2017

"It might be argued that 1991 VG is a candidate as an alien probe observed in the vicinity of our planet."