Trump Invites Fringe Social Media Company Popular With Nazis to the White House was invited to a social media summit (featuring several far-right figures), but not Facebook and Twitter.
Ben Makuch

Trump Wants to Allow Seismic Oil Surveys in the Atlantic Ocean

Companies can now apply for permits to shoot underwater airguns that hurt ecosystems to assess offshore drilling potential.
Becky Ferreira

Republican Lawmaker Claims Restaurant's '86 45' Shirts Are Calling for Trump's Murder

A Mexican restaurant in Rhode Island has been receiving threats and harassment since its staff wore the shirts on Election Day.
Danielle Wayda
food politics

The Pesticides on Your Produce Are Potentially Dangerous. Why Won't the EPA Ban Them?

Spoiler: it involves lobbyists.
Hannah Keyser
Fourth of July

How to Celebrate the 4th of July When America Is a Constant Disappointment

If you feel like patriotism is morally repulsive right now, you'd be correct.
Leila Ettachfini
by the way

While No One Is Looking, Trump Is Escalating America’s Drone War

In expanding US drone strikes in Yemen, Somalia, and Afghanistan, Trump has "shredded" Obama-era safeguards to minimizing the risk of civilian casualties.
David Axe
space war

Trump’s Vision of a ‘Space Force’ May Conflict With the Outer Space Treaty

Trump sees space as a “warfighting domain.” The Outer Space Treaty disagrees.
Becky Ferreira
The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast

Trump's New Head of Family Planning Was a Major Anti-Abortion Leader

On this episode, we chat about Diane Foley, who formally ran crisis pregnancy centers created to convince women not to have abortions.
VICE Staff
Trump's EPA

Scott Pruitt Has Until July 11 to Explain His Climate Skepticism, Judge Rules

After Pruitt ignored an FOIA request for studies supporting his view that humans are not the primary contributor to climate change, environmental advocates turned to the courts.
Becky Ferreira
The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast

Sex Workers Are Protesting FOSTA/SESTA Across the Country

Trump signed the controversial bill into law in April.
VICE Staff
food stamps

Trump Administration Getting Closer to Requiring Drug Tests for SNAP Recipients

If implemented, these requirements may affect 2 million people.
Mayukh Sen

Vince McMahon Officially Bringing Back XFL

There will likely be a rule preventing player protests during the national anthem, but McMahon said he would welcome Colin Kaepernick to the league.
Liam Daniel Pierce