3 hours ago

I Found the Alone Time I Didn't Know I Needed by Watching Anime

In a world swirling with distractions, obligations, and constant communication, watching anime by myself became my perfect, total break.

a day ago

Here Are All the Holiday Shows and Movies Heading to Netflix This Winter

An animated Santa origin story starring Jason Schwartzman, holiday-themed seasons of 'Great British Baking Show' and 'Nailed It,' and more.

2 days ago

Family From Netflix's 'Living Undocumented' Says They're Being Targeted By ICE

A Colombian family told Newsweek that, since the series aired, their father has been deported and their two sons have left school to go into hiding.

2 days ago

Netflix's 'Living with Yourself' Proves Two Rudds Are Better Than One

The charming series about a Paul Rudd clone may not be groundbreaking sci-fi, but how can you resist two Rudds?

2 days ago

The Media's Masochistic Love Affair With HBO's 'Succession'

For those working in digital media, the HBO series holds a mirror up to our world, and that can be a terrible thing for some.

2 days ago

Quiz: Is This an Indie Rock Band or an Obscure Movie Coming to Disney+?

Someone definitely saw Iron Will play 285 Kent in 2013.

3 days ago

Behind Every Film Production Is a Mess of Environmental Wreckage

Hollywood may be full of progressives, but critics say the industry needs to do a much better job limiting waste and carbon emissions.

4 days ago

Hackers Dissect 'Mr. Robot' Season 4 Episode 2: ‘Payment Required’

Technologists, hackers, and journalists recap and review the second episode of the final season of the realistic hacking show.


This 'Joker' Parody About a Gritty Oscar the Grouch Is Perfect

"From director Todd Phillips and the writer of 'P Is for Potty.'"


Tiffany 'New York' Pollard Is Older and Wiser (But Don't Worry—She Still Says 'Bitch' a Lot)

The reality TV icon is still the HBIC, and that comes through on her VH1 online series 'Brunch with Tiffany.'


Let's Discuss the Most Disturbing Part of Netflix's 'El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie'

Why, in the name of all that is holy, WHY? (And yes, spoiler alert.)


Netflix's 'Rhythm + Flow' Shows Hip-Hop Has Been Long Overdue for a Competition Show

The show is fresh, energetic, and has an unstoppable roster of judges in Cardi B, Chance the Rapper, and T.I.