UAB Running Back Greg Bryant Declared Brain Dead a Day After Being Shot

Police announced 1pm today that he was in fact brain dead—a condition of total and irreversible brain function loss.


Creepy Ad Company Says It Will Stop Eavesdropping With ‘Audio Beacons’

Silverpush claims it won’t be using ultrasonic tones to target ads anymore, but its website still advertises the tracking tech.


We Did This, Fam: Welcome Back, UAB Football

The University of Alabama-Birmingham is restoring its football program. VICE Sports knew the school could afford the sport all along.


It's Official: UAB Did Not Need to Kill Football

A new report confirms that the University of Alabama-Birmingham did not need to cancel its football program for financial reasons.


Here's How The NCAA's Black Magic Accounting Turns Profit Into Loss

Most athletic departments say they're losing money despite billion-dollar TV contracts. Now we know how.


Tony Parker Compliment's Sideline Reporter's Bracelet

UCLA's Tony Parker complimented Allie LaForce's bracelet after powering the Bruins into the Sweet Sixteen.


No. 14 UAB Upsets No. 3 Iowa State

The UAB Blazers beat Iowa State today in the first upset of the Tournament. Iowa State came close, but was one point short at the end.


UAB's Tangled Web of Numbers Doesn't Add Up

A look into UAB's own records shows that the school's reasons for killing its football program make no sense in terms of basic math.


'We Don't Want to Leave': UAB's Displaced Football Players Speak Out

After losing their football team for reasons that remain under dispute, UAB players are starting to speak out against the school administration.


Screw the Math: UAB Can Afford Football, so Why Is It Choosing Otherwise?

UAB claims football is too expensive a program, but the report that the school is relying on to make that conclusion is full of bad math.


Enormous Arkansas Offensive Lineman Throws Touchdown

Arkansas Razorbacks offensive lineman Sebastian Tretola is listed at 6'5" and 350 lbs. He just threw a touchdown pass in a real game.


UAB Connects on 88-Yard Bomb For a Touchdown

One play and 88 yards later UAB scores.