DJI Is Offering Money to Security Researchers to Stop DIY Hackers From Owning Its Drones

The drone maker is offering between $100 and $30,000 to hackers who find and report vulnerabilities in the software of its unmanned aerial vehicles.


Human vs. Drone Combat Is the New Normal

US human pilots have shot down two enemy drones this month alone. But according to one expert, one day soon—within the next two decades—the drones will outmatch the best human pilots.


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America's Iconic Reaper Drone Has Stiff New Chinese Competition

The CH-5 is now all but ready to enter service with the Chinese military, as well as go up for sale on the international market.


Scientists Zapped Bats With Lasers Inside a Wind Tunnel to Learn How they Fly

It could lead to better drones in the future.


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The CRACUNS can be summoned from the deeps for aerial missions.


Autonomous Cars Can Now Drive on Snow-Covered Streets

Good news for Canadians.


Drones Over Dallas: My Day at the Drone Wars

Drones have earned a pretty bad reputation, but drone enthusiasts want to show the other side of their unmanned aerial hobby. Also some of them want you to stop calling them drones.


'Tesla Drone' Poised to Revolutionize Unmanned Filmmaking

With the Tesla Drone, South African industrial designer Fraser Leid aims to take drone filmmaking to the next level.