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Researchers Create Perfect Blood Vessels in a Petri Dish for the First Time

The researchers also demonstrated that it is possible to grow functioning human blood vessels in another species.


Many Teen Girls Don’t Know They Can Get an STI from Other Girls

A new University of British Columbia study looks at high schoolers’ understanding of safe lesbian sex.


Watch a Computer Program Teach Itself to Run for Dear Life

We’ve come a long way since QWOP.


Film Directors Are Bringing Actors Back From the Dead With Creepily Real CGI Skin

Will life-like skin movement rescue digital characters from the uncanny valley once and for all?


Knuckleball-Tossing Claire Eccles Makes History in West Coast League Debut

The 19-year-old Canadian became the first woman to play in the summer collegiate league when she pitched two innings for the Victoria HarbourCats on Wednesday.


A Fin Whale's Weird 'Stretchy Nerves' Mean It Could Eat a Schoolbus For Lunch

In order to feed, these whales need to open their mouths really, really wide.


Climate Change Might Be Messing Up Volcanoes’ Planet-Cooling Powers

Volcanoes spew ash into the stratosphere that reflects back some sunlight.


Prehistoric Trees Could ‘Future-Proof’ Forests Against Climate Change

A tiny island on Canada’s West coast is planting trees that thrived millions of years ago, when temperatures were much warmer than they are today. It could save their forests from climate change.


The silent rise of HIV in Chile

Around the world the number of new HIV cases is steadily dropping — but in Chile, the virus is on the rise.


Researchers Say That Smartphones Are Causing ADHD-Like Symptoms in Adults

It's not good enough to just put your phone away in your bag.


College Students Tell Us What Their Dorm Sex Lives Are Like

Thin walls, rumors, shitty roommates, and the ability of a nasty STI to wipe out an entire floor all make quick dorm hookups a bit of a minefield.


Why a Trans Woman Burned a Rainbow Pride Flag

Facing mischief charges in a British Columbia court today, Brooklyn Fink shares her side of the story.