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A Newly Discovered Type of Galaxy Keeps Producing Stars as It Dies

'Cold quasars' offer an unprecedented look at the transition between active star-forming galaxies and dead galactic bodies.


Cops Called on Kansas Fan Who Showed Up to Dorms With "Free-Throw Advice"

The man—reportedly not a student at KU—showed up several times throughout the day, offering an unnamed student some pointers.


Kansas Basketball Player Charged with Battery After Allegedly Pushing Girlfriend Down Stairs [UPDATE]

Carlton Bragg has pled not guilty to the misdemeanor battery charge and is out on bond. Kansas coach Bill Self said, "We are still trying to gather information. But it is a charge which we take very seriously."


Ride Along: Joel Embiid Chugs Shirley Temples and Tweets Rihanna

We drove through Joel Embiid’s new home of Philadelphia while he broke down how he came to love basketball, his love for soda and social media, and why he looked so sad on draft night.


The Ashes of Long-Dead Stars Have Been Found on Earth’s Seafloor

Iron-60 isotopes preserve the swan songs of long dead stars.


"we enrolled him in the school of law and kept him eligible": College Football in 1896

The more things change, the more they stay the same.