US foreign policy


American Conservatives Are Using the Paris Shooting to Call for More War on Terror

In the wake of the attack, leading Republicans bashed Prsident Obama for being soft on national security.
Grace Wyler

Meet the Guy Who Could Soon Be Running America's Wars

Ashton Carter, a theoretical physicist and former No. 2 at the Pentagon, is expected to be tapped as Obama's next Defense Secretary.
Allie Conti

Why Should We Care What Mitt Romney Has to Say About Foreign Policy?

Mitt Romney thinks America needs to beef up its military and wrote an op-ed to that effect in the <i>Washington Post</i>. But why should we care what some warmongering failed politician has to say about anything?
Charles Davis

Why Obama’s New International Climate Change Plan Is Probably Doomed

The president wants to name and shame the rest of the world into cutting carbon emissions, but that requires moral authority, which America sorely lacks these days.
Matt Taylor

A Yemeni Man Is Suing British Telecom over America's Deadly Drone Strikes

Should corporations be held accountable when their products help kill civilians?
Joseph Cox

Don’t Listen to the Republican Warmongers Shouting About Ukraine

Russia's aggression in Crimea gave GOP talking heads yet another chance to blather on about how weak Barack Obama is and how America needs to bomb more countries in order to gain respect.
Harry Cheadle

Is War Brewing in Niger?

The uranium-mining town of Arlit, Niger, is at the center of a potential conflict between American and French forces and the West African terrorists who want to expel the armies from the country for good. Understandably, all of this conflict is very...
Sophia Tewa