Volume 22 Issue 6

The Fiction Issue 2015

'The Bridgetender,' by Joy Williams

A short story by Joy Williams that will appear in <i>The Visiting Privilege</i>, which will be published by Knopf in September.
Joy Williams
The Fiction Issue 2015

A Short Story About a Long Hot Summer in New York

&#39;Soft Tagets,&#39; by Christopher Bollen
Christopher Bollen
The Fiction Issue 2015

Four Limericks by Anthony Madrid

There was a mortician from Havre, who successfully washed a cadaver...
Anthony Madrid
The Fiction Issue 2015

A Short Story About the Damage Caused by a Depraved Doctor

&#39;The Terminal Artist,&#39; by David Means
David Means
The Fiction Issue 2015

A Short Story About Drinking, Flying, and Narrow Escapes

&#39;The Air Marshal,&#39; by Clancy Martin
Clancy Martin
The Fiction Issue 2015

An Excerpt from ‘Psychedelic Narratives’

The latest from the VICE fiction issue.
Duncan Fallowell
The Fiction Issue 2015

A Short Story About Memories and Long Drives into the Desert

&#39;The Love Trip,&#39; by Brian Booker
Brian Booker
The Fiction Issue 2015

'Mr. Creativity,' by Deb Olin Unferth

A short story about reinventing yourself, optimism, and jobs nobody wants.
Deb Olin Unferth
The Fiction Issue 2015

The Furniture Index

Furnish your home in the style of your favorite ennui-filled short stories!
Thessaly La Force
The Fiction Issue 2015

Five Very Short Stories by Diane Williams

Diane Williams is the author of seven story collections, most recently <i>Vicky Swanky Is a Beauty</i>. Read the five pieces of micro-fiction she wrote for VICE's latest fiction issue.
Diane Williams
The Fiction Issue 2015

A Short Story About Love, Death, and Childhood

&#39;Roy and the River Pirates,&#39; by Barry Gifford
Barry Gifford
The Fiction Issue 2015

A Short, 100 Percent Fictitious Story About Toilets, Fatherhood, and Karl Ove Knausgaard

&#39;My Soda, Part 1,&#39; by Allen Pearl
Allen Pearl