West Germany


Why Gay German Men Are Seeking Reparations for a Homophobic Nazi Law

Remembering Paragraph 175, the outrageous law which persecuted German gay men long after the fall of Nazi rule.
Samuel Clowes Huneke
european championships through the ages

A Potted History of the European Championships: 1960–2016

Each edition of the European Championships has its own historical narrative, and its own distinct identity. Here, we attempt to tie them all together.
Jim Weeks
footballers making themselves look stupid

An Insult To Antonin: Five of the Worst Panenkas Ever

On the 40th anniversary of the original Panenka, here are some of the worst imitations ever attempted.
UK Sports Staff

The French Punk Who Tore Down the Berlin Wall

This Saturday is the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. We found the guy whose face made all the front pages the day after he was photographed smashing the shit out of it with a hammer.
Guillaume Fontaine

'For the Value and Image of Our Brand': Red Bull's Audacious German Soccer Plot

Red Bull owns a team in the German soccer system that's turning heads, but the corporation is catching heat for their plan to take over the Bundesliga.
Jack Kerr

Berlin's Suicide-Proof Nuclear Fallout Shelters

The first 3,000 people to line up in an orderly fashion would be allowed to file in through a door and enter an air-locked decontamination chamber, under supervision of machine-gun-toting guards. A face behind a glass window would then instruct these...
Al Burian