White Cube


A New Art Museum Stands on a Former Plantation in the Congo

By constructing an art center in one of the most disenfranchised parts of the world, activists want to ensure that the intellectual and financial benefits of art accumulate there, instead of places like New York and Berlin.


Damien Hirst Created Cities Out of Blades and Safety Pins

Damien Hirst's 'Black Scalpel Cityscapes' cut at the military's "surgical strikes."


Witness Birth, Life, and Death in One White Cube

Uliana Apatina reinvents the "sacred space" inside a permanent installation in London.


Three Amazing Young Artists Made a Baroque Surrealist Masterpiece of a Video

Alex Da Corte, Jayson Musson, and Dev Hynes got together to make a bizarre statement about Francophiles, fantasy, and—you know what, just watch it.