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Researchers from U.S. government contractor Immunity have developed a working exploit for the feared Windows bug known as BlueKeep.


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This E-Waste Recycler Is Going to Prison for Selling Windows Restore Discs to Put on Refurbished Computers

Eric Lundgren was sentenced to 15 months in prison and a $50,000 fine for creating ‘restore disks’ to extend the life of computers using Microsoft.


Israeli Government Asked European Security Companies for Zero-Days in Unsolicited Emails

Israel cast a wide net in Europe too, looking to purchase zero-days for its law enforcement and intelligence agencies.


Here’s the Letter Israel Sent to Solicit Zero-Days From American Hackers

In a peek into the way governments may source hacking tools, Motherboard obtained a 2015 letter the Israeli Ministry of Defense sent to US-based exploit developers.


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