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It Was a Good Year for Women's Wrestling, but it Can Get Better

Evolution isn't always linear, and we've seen that in women's wrestling, and world at large.
Danielle Radford
Womens History Month

The Forgotten Story of the First Black Female Wrestlers

In briefly choosing to honor the disgraced Fabulous Moolah at WrestleMania, WWE overlooked three African-American sisters and their friend who were actual pioneers in women's wrestling.
Corey Erdman

Unmatched in the Ring, Asuka May Find WWE Raw Her Toughest Opponent

She's one of the best wrestlers in the world, but WWE's Women's Championship has a history of wasting greatness.
Ian Williams
Rio 2016

Helen Maroulis Trained With Champions To Become the First American Woman Wrestler to Win Gold

Helen Maroulis' parents almost made her give up wrestling because they didn't think there was any future in it. Now she's an Olympic gold medalist.
Aimee Berg

Training with USA's No.1 Ranked Female Wrestler: Adeline Gray

We caught a typical training day with three-time World Champion Adeline Gray as she prepares for the biggest match of her wrestling career and talks about her motivation to be the most dominate wrestler in the world.
VICE Sports

"I Mean, We Wrestle a Lot": Talking to Ring Of Honor's Joe Koff, Independent Wrestling's Independent

A conversation with Joe Koff, COO of the mega-indie wrestling circuit Ring Of Honor, about wrestling, business, the wrestling business, and the Kevin Owens Factor.
Ian Williams