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How Liverpool Reject Gabriel Paletta Became AC Milan's Working-Class Hero

Though he never fulfilled his potential at Liverpool, Gabriel Paletta has made a fine career for himself elsewhere. Amongst his fellow Italo-Argentinos, he is a symbol of working-class perseverance.
Federico Manasse
Rio 2016

Neymar Steps Down as Captain After Leading Brazil to First Futebol Olympic Gold Medal

Given Neymar's general willingness to step away from the spotlight, it wouldn't be surprising to see him follow through with it.
Liam Daniel Pierce
what comes after tiki-taka

Xavi and the End

The end appears to have come for Xavi, the avatar of and prime mover in Spain's tiki-taka attack. These moments are always sad, but nothing ever really ends.
Colin McGowan
World Cup

Ana Rezende Breaks the Curse at the World Cup Final

Ana watches the final between Germany and Argentina at a huge outdoor party hosted by the owner of Zum Schneider, a German biergarten.
VICE Sports
euro 2020

Is the Multi-Country Model the Future of Major Sporting Events?

EURO 2020 will play out all across Europe, is sharing the wealth the future of big international sporting events?
Greg Groggel
World Cup

Costa Rica vs. Netherlands: Quarterfinals in NYC with Ana Rezende

Ana hangs with the Costa Rican Networking Group at Legends, a sports bar in Midtwon Manhattan, as Los Ticos take on The Netherlands in the quarterfinals of the World Cup.
VICE Sports

Why the United States Needs a Football Revolution

Even after 101 years, the United States has failed to develop a national playing style. If Jurgen Klinsmann wants to do so, he should look, unconventionally, south.
Ian Walker
World Cup

A World Cup of Broken Ideas

This year’s tournament ended the same way that it started.
Clay Skipper
World Cup

A Not-Quite-Definitive Review of the World Cup's Eight Finest Goals

Free of its in-game context, how does one figure out what makes a goal great?
W.M. Akers
World Cup

World Cup Dispatch: Out and About In The Argentine Slum of Rio De Janeiro

The city government on Rio de Janeiro relocated thousands of Argentinian Fans during the World Cup.
Brian Mier

Rihanna Hangs Out With German Team After Their World Cup Win

Rihanna was at the World Cup. Seems like she had a good time.
David Matthews
World Cup

Deported Argentine Hooligan Who Mocked Authorities Says He’ll Be at World Cup Final

Pablo "Bebote" Alvarez told VICE News his deportation won't faze him. He'll be at the final against Germany, the hooligan leader said.
Gaston Cavanagh