Flash Was More Than a Format, It Was a Destination

We reminisce about our past with Flash games on this episode of Waypoint Radio.

Jan 11 2021, 2:00pmSnap

For some, the school cafeteria was the place to socialize before school. For me, it was the school library, huddled around a computer with my friends as we played game after game on Bonus.com, the only flash game website that the school’s firewall didn’t block. For a time, the ease and accessibility of Flash games meant they were an easy gathering space for young people. Without the need to find, download, and install a file on a school computer, a task that certain nanny software would outright block, Flash game websites were the destination of choice for bite size gaming and cool animations. It never got old fighting through a mountain of stick figures in Xiao Xiao #9, or trading rounds of artillery fire between friends in any one of a multitude of Artillery flash games. After talking through the events of January 6th, where white supremacists stormed the US Capitol building, we discuss some of our favorite Flash games and other things we played over the holiday break on this episode of Waypoint Radio.

Discussed: US Current Events 1:25, Assassin's Creed: Valhalla 21:32, Detective Season 1 33:12, Monster Hunter Rise 37:37, Super Meat Boy Forever 52:03, Flash Games 57:28, Carto 1:16:31, Airborne Kingdom 1:19:57, Exapunks 1:23:48, Cyberpunk 2077 1:26:15, Politics Moment 1:32:37 - 1:33:16

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