'Card Shark' Forces Waypoint Radio to Dream About Scamming the Rich

Taking from the wealthy, forming unions, potentially buying new appliances—in other words, a very normal episode.

We've got a particularly Waypoint episode for y'all today, from scamming the rich out of their money for the greater good in Card Shark, to talking about recent grad student unionizations, to talking about learning on the job in Hardspace Shipbreaker. Of course, it wouldn't be a podcast these days without a bit of an update from Rob on his home appliances, luckily y'all have sent in plenty emails to help him on this journey.

Discussed: Card Shark 2:17, School Debt and Unionizing Grad Students 16:33, Hardspace Shipbreaker 31:08, Appliance update 50:21, Elden Ring 1:15:27, Question Bucket 1:26:11, Outro and Announcements 1:31:39

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Waypoint Radio, Hardspace: Shipbreaker, Elden Ring, Card Shark

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