Aaron Sorkin's No Good, Very Bad Year

How a movie and a TV special solidify a decade of neoliberal mythmaking.

Dec 25 2020, 5:00pm

If you're a longtime listener you'll remember that a few of the staff have a, lets say, complicated relationship with Aaron Sorkin. So in a year where he releases both a movie and a West Wing reunion special, there was a non-zero chance that we'd need to podcast about him. Join Rob and Gita as they discuss The West Wing Reunion, a special that has the cast of The West Wing slip into their old roles with ease, with writing that magnifies some of Sorkin's odd characterizations of the woman in the show. After the break, they discuss The Trial of the Chicago Seven, where Sorkin's editorial choices of what to include from this historic event and what to alter lay bare his unimaginative neoliberalism while simultaneously attempting to co-opt a moment where staunch leftists were harassed while the country watched along.

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