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Holy Shit

French Montana, Kanye West, and Nas Release Video for “Figure It Out” and It’s a 10/10 Classic

Have you ever seen someone jump a dirt bike over a plane? Well, you're in for a treat.

You ever wish you could roll into some airplane graveyard with your boys, hop on some dirt bikes and go fuck shit up with no recourse? No? Well, apparently it's really fucking sweet like in French Montana's new video for "Figure It Out." It's even sweeter when you factor in that French brought out Kanye West and Nas to have a sick time in the middle of nowhere. It's all the shit you wish you could do as a kid, hanging out on the wing of a plane, doing sweet jumps over said planes, hanging out with Kanye West, everything! Things have been looking up for French as a new signee of Bad Boy Entertainment, and you can be sure that there's going to be more killer music and dirt bikes in the future.