Amelia Gray

  • The VICE Guide to Voting - Otherkin

    The deciding day of the 2012 election draws near, and as a politically undecided man-dolphin, you're not sure where to cast your vote. Where do the candidates stand on the right to life for demonkin? It's a complicated world, and you may have a fake...

  • The VICE Guide to Voting - High-Class Whores

    PROSTITUTION. A vocation as old as politics and half as dirty. Professional ladies and fancy gents have been taking it for cash long before Obama and Romney were shaking hands and kissing babies. If this election is about redefining social order, our...

  • On the Illness

    William was a puker. His expulsions—the color, consistency, and volume of a baby's—occurred after every sentence he spoke.

  • A Couple Threats

    Somehow, someway, we persuaded Amelia Gray to give us a super-duper-early sneak peek at her first novel, "THREATS," in the form of two excerpted chapters.