Amy Kellner

  • The 90s Were Intense

    I first saw Marlene McCarty’s artwork in the late 90s. She made a series of huge portraits of teenage girls who had killed their mothers, accompanied by captions describing the murders in grisly detail.

  • Live Freed or Die

    Dolly Freed is my hero. In 1978, at the age of 18, she wrote this smart, funny, and frank manifesto called "Possum Living: How to Live Well Without a Job and With (Almost) No Money."

  • Preppy In Pink

    If you are a young female person in New York in 1994 and you are not wearing X-Girl, you are not cool. Does that hurt your feelings?

  • Jim Krewson Is Probably Playing Banjo

    Vice: You drew all these for the Frieze Art Fair, right? Isn’t it in like a teepee or an igloo or some shit? Tell all!

  • An Interview with a Schizophrenic

    My friend Phiiliip (yeah, spelled like that) is schizophrenic. He didn't used to be, but he is now. It can happen to you too.

  • Lynda Barry

    If you were ever a weird kid or a sad kid, you have to read Lynda Barry’s comics and novels immediately because they will freak you out with how much you’ll relate.

  • A Gay, Orthodox Jewish R&B Singer

    I've known Ari Gold since we were ten. We went to an Orthodox Jewish Yeshiva together. He was my first big crush because he sang jingles for TV commercials and we both loved Madonna, which, in the Orthodox community, automatically made us freaks.

  • A Mexican In... New York

    Vice: Hey, you work for us. What was your first impression of New York?

  • Crazy Glu

    You know that gay people recruit, right? Yeah, well, they do, and Girls Like Us Lesbian Quarterly is the perfect brochure for luring cool young women over to the dark side.

  • Wooooo Tang

    Besides, oh, I don't know, Vice, Wooooo is the coolest magazine out now.

  • Suck on This

    The inspiration for my series of gum paintings first came to me when I was working on my papier-mâché boulders.