Danny McDonald

  • Carlos Rafael and His Fish Are the American Dream

    I'm sitting with Carlos Rafael in "Carlos Seafood," an unremarkable looking seafood supply warehouse in an industrial park near the waterfront of New Bedford, a fishing port in southern Massachusetts that for 12 consecutive years has reported the most...

  • Should Murderers Be Allowed State-Funded Sex Changes?

    After dragging on for years, the request of Michelle Kosilek, a.k.a. Robert Kosilek, to have the state pay her medical costs for sex-reassignment surgery has finally reached the Court of Appeals for the First Circuit.

  • My Cousin Joe Was a Hit Man for the Boston Mob

    My cousin killed people. At least, that’s what I’m told. I never met Joseph McDonald, but word is he preferred using a handgun. He liked to get in real close so that the soon-to-be deceased could figure out what was coming. His intense, bald visage...

  • Surveying the Chaos at the Boston Marathon Bombing

    The aftermath of yesterday’s bombing at the Boston Marathon had resulted, in the words of President Obama, from “an act of terror.” According to a close friend of mine, a local Boston cop who was on the scene, it was “a complete shit show.”