Dave Schilling

Dave Schilling

  • I Went to a Fast Food Protest

    Just like the McRib, fast food worker protests don't come around often, but when they do, they attract tons of people. We spoke to individuals on both sides of the argument over whether or not to raise the minimum wage for fast food employees to $15 an...

  • Some of the Worst Paul Walker Death Tweets

    No celebrity can die without a phalanx of poorly worded, unfortunate, and in some cases, blatantly offensive comments defiling the dignity of his or her demise. Paul Walker is no different, and unfortunately, if you look hard enough, you'll find some...

  • Diet Food Made Me Want to Kill Myself

    I thought my weight had gotten out of hand, so I dropped $250 on diet food to get myself in shape. What I found out is the reason why people lose weight on these plans is because the food is too horrible to consume.

  • LAX Airport Is Shut Down After a Gunman Opened Fire in the Terminal

    A TSA agent is confirmed dead and reports say that the suspected gunman is in critical condition after a shooting at Los Angeles International Airport that took place earlier this morning.

  • Why Are People Surprised by Racist Halloween Costumes?

    It seems like there's a new story coming out about a white person wearing blackface for Halloween every day. Spoiler alert: this happened before.

  • Sorry, Halloween Is Kind of Awful

    Despite my best efforts, I never have fun on Halloween. It's a dumb holiday where people are encouraged to be dumb.