Donny Benet

  • Love Tips with Donny Benét: Getting Serious

    Funk master and world class lover Donny Benét continues his step-by-step guide to everlasting love this week by walking you through the tricky follow up to the perfect first date.

  • Love Tips With Donny Benet: On the Date

    Last week in Love Tips, Italo disco funk musician Donny Benet guided us from the delicate art of securing a date through to the even more delicate art of extracting said date from her mom and dad’s house. This week he shows us what a romantic night out...

  • Love Tips With Donny Benet: The First Date

    Living a life of sophistication doesn’t come easy for everyone. Along the way I’ve been given a few tips on the art of sophistication by many wise Mediterranean men and have taken it upon myself to modernise them for the 21st century lover.