Josh Rosenblatt

  • Badr Hari: Ο Θρύλος του Kickboxing Καταδικάστηκε σε Δύο Χρόνια Φυλάκιση

    Ένα ολλανδικό δικαστήριο τον έκρινε ένοχο για δύο επιθέσεις βίας.

  • The State Representative Who Compared MMA to Child Porn

    Steve Hickey, a right-wing Republican and ordained minister, called for a ban on MMA in South Dakota and compared the sport to child porn, meth, and feeding people to lions. "It is violent, and it isn't a sign of a healthy society that crowds gather to...

  • Racism in MMA

    In this promotional video spotlighting Rashad Evans before his fight this weekend against Rogerio Nogueira, the voices serving both as the source of Evans’s disenchantment with MMA and his inspiration to improve in it aren’t just criticizing the...

  • Bad Boy and the Birth of MMA

    We spoke to Bad Boy CEO Robin Offner to find out how a company specializing in clothing for skaters and surfers got involved with an outlaw sport and ended up sponsoring UFC superstars like Mauricio "Shogun" Rua and Wanderlei Silva.

  • Ultimate Fighter Jonathan Brookins Is Leaving for India

    Next month, Brookins will be traveling to India on a spiritual quest, and he doesn’t know when or even if he’ll be back. We called him recently at his home in Orlando, where he’s getting ready for his next, more spiritual, journey.

  • I'm a Man of Letters Learning to Fight with an MMA Team

    In a rash moment, I took up with an MMA team. I wanted to learn how to spar. The other week, I was caught clean with a right cross that brought tears to my eyes. I would be lying if I said it upset me.

  • The Snowman Vs. the Cops

    Four years ago, heavyweight veteran Jeff Monson squared off with riot police at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota. Here's the story behind one of MMA's best photographs.

  • MMA Enters Its Golden Age Just in Time for Fightland Launch

    Recently I decided the reason I’m such a huge fan of mixed martial arts—beyond my affection for blood-splattered knockouts and tactical submission battles—is because it gives me the only opportunity I know of to witness a sport becoming itself.

  • No Hot Stove Here

    The perpetual nature of MMA's “fighting season” means fans can't luxuriate in their opinions about fights and fighters for too long. Events like Saturday's UFC come around with enough regularity to turn predictions into dust.

  • The Return of Georges St. Pierre

    Reigning welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre will be back in the ring for UFC 154 on Saturday, facing interim champion Carlos Condit. Will it be a dream fight?

  • UFC Fighters Want to Get in Bed with the Swoosh

    Junior dos Santos, the current UFC heavyweight champion, is reportedly in talks with Nike about an endorsement deal. The Nike deal would be great for dos Santos for any number of reasons, and not all of them monetary.

  • Weightless History

    MMA is so new that it’s unhaunted by the nightmare of history. There are no curses in the sport, no doomed fighters, nor tragic figures with hexes placed on them or their ancestors. And when the better fighter wins, the crowd moves on.