• Locked Off

    People still try to make out that grime is based in three highrise blocks in Bow, when in reality other parts of London, particularly north, are home to a lot of the more productive MCs such as Chipmunk, Skepta, JME, Scorcher etc.

  • Do It!

    UK urban music is in the best state it's been in for a decade. Ten-year-old girls are throwing their Bratz dolls out the window and breakdancing in their wheelie shoes when a bassline tune comes on daytime radio.

  • Do It!

    I was in the Russian Bar on Kingsland Road ONE recent chilly January night for some after hours drinking. As the mist gathered down outside, I became acquainted with a young Polish girl who told me tales of a new type of music called crunkczar coming...

  • Gully-sidal Tendencies

    Mavado is the best thing to have happened to dancehall in years. He has the premier new catchphrases ("Anywaaaaayeeeeeee" and "Gangster for liiiife"), if you look into his eyes you'd swear it was the devil looking back at you.

  • Do It!

    I was going through some CDs t’other day and I found a grime compilation that my friend Matthew made for me at the end of 2003. What a great time for music it truly was. The best of times, the worst of times. Oh sorry, we’re talking about grime here...

  • Leeds Garage

    If you’re a teenager living in a council estate anywhere north of Grimsby, you won’t be spending your weekends at home practicing WCW wrestling moves on your terrified cat, smoking weed, and listening to Ghetto’s new mixtape. No, instead the chances...

  • On The Trail Of Fishscale

    It's pretty gay (and very, very lazy) when people write an intro to a piece that is basically the highlights of the interview rewritten in a few lines. Therefore, I totally refuse to mention anything I talked about when I interviewed Philadelphia's...

  • Shiny Grills

    Rappers are just big kids, right? They dress in those enormous, oversized T-shirts and baggy trousers like little children wearing their dad's clothes. They also love shiny things.

  • I Don’t Wanna Grow Up

    It's weird how much you will come to appreciate school the very second you start uni.