Ryan Duffy

  • Cog Against The Machine

    Pissed Jeans do a lot of things that, on their own, could be deemed a bit much: yelping about silly stuff, a smidge of wankery, oppressive feedback everywhere. Fortunately, when these things are combined with aplomb and companioned with some prime-rib...

  • Mexico Is Scary

    Every issue, we have to do at least three features on "music," and to be honest, it's usually a bit of a bummer.

  • Music Is Boring

    Screeching Weasel is pretty much the best band ever. Before the "pop punk" label become an insult, it simply meant punk rock written by a slightly more advanced species of miscreant, one with an ear for melody and some vague semblance of songwriting...

  • How to Not Care

    There's an ultra-cool alternate universe where nobody is a cheesedick and tough-as-fuck dudes get together to do stuff like "break things" and "rule."