Stephanie Maida

  • Look at Andrew Horn's 'Taint'

    Andrew Horn is behind the “Gay Smutcore” zine called 'Taint,' which he produced during his transition from rampant junkie to sober artist and social good-doer.

  • The New #Fan #Armies of Twitter

    Ever since Elvis’s earliest gyrations in the 1950s, pop music has turned impressionable adolescents into screaming, crying, snotting psychopaths. Today is no different, except that the fans are fatter and they congregate on Twitter.

  • Senior Citizens I'd Sex Up

    Not to be a downer or anything but I’ve never had a grandpa, which is probably the reason why I only see old men as seasoned sexpots rather than dribbling sacks of saggy skin.

  • We Saw This: The Shins

    Lots of observant frowning happened.

  • Serial Killers I'd Sex Up

    There’s just something about blood-splattered bad boys that makes me want to tame their animalistic spirit and then mount them like a wild, majestic horse that I am about to have sex with.

  • Photographic Moratorium - Gore Porn

    Fake blood has been an integral part of shitty photography since daguerreotypes were around. That's long enough.