T. Kid

T. Kid

  • Καπνίζοντας Χόρτο στη Δουλειά

    Λατρεύω τους μπάφους, αλλά έμαθα με άσχημο τρόπο ότι το κάπνισμα εν ώρα εργασίας είναι πολύ κακή ιδέα.

  • T. Kid's Bad Luck Charm

    Maintaining a high school weed habit was a hassle exemplified by run-ins with the police. For years, the cops never arrested us—they were chasing us for fun—but this merry game of cat and mouse turned dark one summer when police found a dime bag in my...

  • The Best Blazing Album Ever

    When I smoke, things that are less interesting become more interesting, and things that are already interesting become totally awesome. For this reason, it's probably not a coincidence that all of my favorite albums are ones I began listening to soon...

  • I Ruined a Tinder Date With Pot Cookies

    Time and time again, I’ve learned that dates do not get better when you introduce weed into the mix, but part of me still sees an unnecessary weed session as a litmus test for dates.

  • Getting High With a Teenager Who Shouldn't Smoke Weed

    During sophomore year of high school, my best friend's little brother was on lockdown because he was suspended for blazing at school. My best friend wanted me to help her brother stay sober, but when her brother offered to smoke me out, I couldn't...

  • T. Kid's Amazing Bongs

    One perk of writing this column is getting free stuff from time to time. The best free items were the bongs that arrived in the mail a few weeks ago. As I placed my gorgeous new pipes on my shelf, I remembered some of the glass that came and went over...

  • Welsh Cops Find Industrial Weed "Grow Op" Next to Their Courthouse

    If being the unwitting victim of human trafficking isn't bad enough, imagine reaching the country of your perceived salvation—Wales—only to discover that you were brought over only to be a weed slave.

  • Bol the Acid Tripper

    The first time Bold took acid, he had a bad trip. But by junior year of college, Bol was spending time with a group whose parties could best be described as hippy raves. Over the next few months, Bol underwent a transformation that left him in...

  • The Great Weed Cookie War of 2013

    My drug dealer's delivery service guy made the best weed cookies. When he left to start his own delivery service, we followed him, which caused our old dealer to offer us discounted weed cookies and start a bidding war. You heard that right: My crew...

  • A Muslim's Adventures in Pork

    Although my family was never terribly religious, I was brought up Muslim enough to not eat pork. Several years ago, I broke with this tradition. I was doing boring freelance writing and wanted to create a personal project that would be both interesting...

  • The Guy Who Was Raped by a Girl

    Charles was a charming, mellow kid. He was sharp, but had a really goofy sense of humor, which is why I couldn’t tell if he was joking when he told me a girl had raped him.

  • Thirty Tons of Hash Set Ablaze? A Pothead’s Lament

    These guys were just chugging along on a happy little boat filled with sticky goo that makes people good and dizzy. The vibe only went sour when the cops showed up. And now $400 million of hash is gone.