Vinnie Rotondaro

  • Biking Booth’s Escape Route

    After slaying Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth spent 12 days on the lam in a strange and tragic odyssey. To ever truly understand him, I'd have to literally retrace his footsteps.

  • Keeping the Demons at Bay

    Taking a look at the Recovery Movement through a chronic schizophrenic who whooped Superman's ass.

  • Beasts in Eastern Ohio

    What it actually meant when those Amish roughnecks hacked off the beards of brethren.

  • There are Tits Behind That Curtain, I Know It

    Back in 2002, a psychologist named Daryl Bem began conducting a series of tests. Bem was after the holy grail of cognitive strangeness--precognition, the psychic knowledge of future events.

  • Arborcide in Brooklyn

    Somewhere along the line, Steve Maynard lost control. He used to live a normal life. He was a husband and a father employed as a construction worker in New Jersey. Then tragedy struck--schizophrenia zeroed in on his mind like a shot out of the sky, and...