• This Man Believes All News Events Are Staged By Actors

    What if I told you that everyone you see on TV—celebrities, but also ordinary folks in local news reports—was an actor playing their part in an elaborate conspiracy? You'd probably want to give me money for my future project, right?

  • Chelsea Girl

    I didn’t know who Chelsea Manning was until she told everyone yesterday. The trans* community (the asterisk stands for all kinds of queer, including those like mine which lie outside of the gender binary) is a smallish and semi-tightly-knit community...

  • Invasion of the Cloned Horses

    The American Quarter Horse Association is “the world’s largest equine breed registry.” Now they’re going to get even larger, because a US court has ruled they must accept cloned horses' applications to join their exclusive club. Predictably, the...

  • Romanian Notes

    In Bucharest, the psychological damage inflicted on a society subjected to surveillance terror is apparent everywhere when you scratch the surface, even 24 years after the fall of Ceauşescu. There, no problem is too small to be insoluble, no conflict...

  • Life's Weed Bonuses

    In my weeded out life, I try to focus on the lucky little bonuses the universe throws my way. Many of these joys are a direct result of my struggling memory—a forgotten gram found in a neglected pair of pants or a condom discovered in my room in the...

  • Parisians' Sordid Love Affair with Brooklyn

    In the Paris subcultures that love peppering their conversation with English and wear outfits that would even be obnoxious in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is a Wes-Anderson-meets-Woody-Allen fever dream and being called a hipster is an odd kind of compliment.