• Κλείνει το πιο Αναρχικό Gay Bar του Λονδίνου

    To Joiners' Arms, ένας από τους πιο αναρχικούς LGBT χώρους του Λονδίνου, πρόκειται να κλείσει τον Ιανουαρίου του 2015, επειδή το Λονδίνο αναβαθμίζεται και χρειάζεται περισσότερες κατοικίες.

  • Detroit Is Already Starting to Gentrify

    With the addition of a new, lower priced Whole Foods Market in Midtown, Detroit appears to be positioning itself for the inevitable influx of poor artists, writers, musicians, and a-holes. We went to check out the Whole Foods and get a sense of what...

  • The Truth Behind the Battle for London's Housing

    Foreign sheikhs, angry squatters, and impoverished councils all play a part in the mess that has become London's housing market. Not only is it difficult to access social housing, but a new report suggests that rent is now unaffordable for two thirds...

  • America's Worst Housing Project Is Being Gentrified

    The Los Angeles City Council just unanimously voted to tear down Jordan Downs, nearly the oldest housing project in America and probably the title holder for ugliest. Jordan Downs is comprised of 103 spookily identical buildings in the low-income...

  • Horse Racing: The Sport of America's Lower Class

    Much like the United States itself, horse-racing culture can be divided into the camps of “have” and “have not.” The disparity between the gilded excesses of the Kentucky Derby and the barren wasteland of Hollywood Park is stark.

  • Berliners Are Waging a War Against Gentrification

    It’s been 23 years since the Berlin Wall was demolished, and now the bulldozers are back. But this time, no one’s clapping. When word got out that a developer was planning to build a luxury apartment complex right on top of the preserved section of the...