• Strolling the Champs-Élysées with 120,000 Syrian Refugees

    On August 21, Mohamed watched rockets fly over his village outside Damascus. Rumors spread that the rockets had been loaded with sarin nerve gas. When he returned home, two of his children were dead. Mohamed left Syria, and five days later, I met him...

  • Syria's Refugees Are Wedged Between Hells

    I first met war photographer Giles Duley a month ago, to talk about his work both before and after he became a triple amputee in Afghanistan. Giles's recently documented the arrival of Syrian refugees after a long journey across the border. Here's his...

  • It's Still All Right to Kill Your Wife and Sister in Jordan

    Getting away with murder in Jordan is easy, as long as the victim is your wife, sister, or daughter and you claim it was an honor killing. Just last Saturday, a female was found dead near Amman with her throat slit, her belly slashed open, and her four...

  • Penetrating Jordan’s Illegal Porn Cinemas

    No marquee or sign advertises the Kawakib Cinema's name or its show times, but it is a refuge for men—many of them migrant laborers from outside Jordan—to watch grainy porn anytime from 8 AM to 8 PM any day of the week to "finish and relax."

  • Lebron James: The No-Fun Superstar

    Back in the day, everyone wanted to be like Mike. Who wants to be like LeBron?

  • Returning to SOFEX, Post-Arab Spring

    We've been to SOFEX before, but we went back to see if the people-killing business has changed in the wake of the Arab Spring.