• How Canadian Police Overlooked a Serial Killer

    Back in December 2011, while producing an article about the state of First Nations women in Canada we interviewed Anishinaabe activist Audrey Huntley. She gave us some valuable insights into Vancouver’s infamous crime and drug-riddled Eastside, then...

  • I Had Tea With Gaddafi's Killer

    He shoved an assault rifle in my chest and threatened to kill me.

  • Sexy, Sexy Murder: A History

    Foxy Knoxy has finally been set free. To celebrate, here is our list of history's sexiest serial killers.

  • Take a Stroll... with Rob Delaney - That's Some Killer Chicken

    I've eaten a lot of Zankou Chicken. Zankou Chicken is a chain of restaurants in Los Angeles that serve amazing Armenian fast food. I'd be more than content to have a chicken Tarna plate with their signature garlic paste for my last meal on Earth.

  • From Velvet

    I’m half dead from grief because I turned into trash. There was the day I hit my dog. I changed sides. I went to the killer side even though I was fraught with fear. I was garbage inside. I had become trash. What could I do if I couldn’t touch her...