• Skinema Is Coming...

    Chris Nieratko's column about porn is being turned into a show. Rejoice.

  • All the Cool Kids Will Be Dressing Like Dinosaurs This Summer

    And more stuff in VICE Style's Week in Tidbits.

  • SXSW - VICE Kills Texas

    If you're hanging out in Austin, Texas this week, enjoying the perfect weather and planning out your "week of too many shows," we'd like to suggest two additions to your itinerary.

  • Dear Diary

    Just got back from Fugazi. Saw Cliff. Saw John. Saw Tyler. Talked to Bobby a lot. Saw Antonio. Antonio… his name just rolls off my tongue like Italian ices in 90-degree heat.

  • Plastic Jocks

    In the mid-’90s, New Jersey indie rock was in danger. The shoegazing movement started by those self-absorbed snaggletoothed Brits across the pond turned the scene into a bunch of bratty hipster suburbanites. Enter the 3.5 Megabytes.