The Onion

  • Interviewing the Editor of the Middle East's Version of the 'Onion'

    The Pan-Arabia Enquirer is a satire website much like the Onion, but based in the Middle East, a region that isn't traditionally known for being very good at laughing at itself. I got in touch with its editor to find out what it's like running a...

  • Speaking with an Alleged Member of the SEA About the 'Onion' Twitter Hack

    Last week, VICE interviewed Th3 Pr0, an alleged member of the hacker group Syrian Electronic Army, after they hacked the AP's Twitter and caused the Dow Jones to dip. Today, we caught up with another alleged member to talk about Monday's confusing hack...

  • How Many Ways Did the Oscars Offend Everyone?

    Like all major events where anyone talks for more than half an hour, the Academy Awards were a chance for people to get extremely angry about what others were saying and doing. Here is an incomplete list of the events that happened during the Oscars...

  • 100 Extra Dos & Don'ts

    Had enough? No? OK, let's get The Onion's Amie Barrodale to pump out 100 more.