• H Μυρωδιά που Έχουμε Συνδυάσει με τις Καθαρές Πισίνες Σημαίνει ότι Έχουν Ούρα Μέσα

    To ήξερες ότι το χλώριο που χρησιμοποιείται για να σκοτώσει τα βακτηρίδια, συνδέεται με τη δημιουργία τοξικών χημικών ουσιών;

  • Drinking Camel Urine in Yemen

    People have been consuming camel piss on the Arabian Peninsula for a long, long time. It’s been used by the Bedouin people as a shampoo and medicine for centuries, and it’s part of Muslim tradition as well; the Prophet Mohammed is said to have once...

  • Pissin’ Out the Pain

    I’d never been happier to relieve myself in a jailhouse bullpen full of dirty men. I pissed for about five minutes and felt great. Then I finished and looked around like, “Fuck worrying about going to hell… I’m already in hell.”

  • Question of the Day - What Will Toilets in the Future Be Like?

    What will futuristic shitters look like? How will the toilets of tomorrow work? What did the Jetsons poop into when they left the room? Here are some people's suggestions, accompanied by drawings that they did for us.

  • Solar-Powered Toilets of the World: A Comprehensive Guide

    Bill Gates just gave a $100,000 cash prize to designers of a toilet that has solar panels that break down poop and pee. In honor of their recent success, we present to you the other solar-powered toilets of the world. In the future, this is where we...

  • Hey Ron! - Should I Sell My Piss and Dirty Panties?

    We’re in a recession for crying out loud. Times are hard and everybody has to have a hustle, even if that hustle involves urine-soaked dirty drawers. I won't hate if you do it, just don't put a return address on your pee and panties package.