• Is the PR Industry Buying Influence Over Wikipedia?

    Investigating the links between Wiki-PR, a company that specializes in editing Wikipedia on behalf of their paying clients, and the website's trusted editing hierarchy.

  • Akon's Wikipedia Page Is Amazing

    I feel confident in saying that Akon has had the most ludicrous career of any R&B artist ever. Since this is the internet and people no longer want to read anything that isn't comprehensively organized, I’ve compiled a list of his career highlights.

  • Wikipedia, Azawad, and the Art of Internet Statecraft

    Snubbed by the U.N., the Independent State of Azawad earned legitimacy online.

  • The Brutality Report - Wikipedia

    Why does everyone think Wikipedia is such a big fucking deal? Samuel Johnson wrote the first English dictionary in nine years, by candlelight, in an 18th century world riddled with wolves and syphilis.

  • The "Is Patrick O'Dell Gay?" Fanart Contest

    VICE New York office, Epicly Later'd's Patrick O'Dell would spend the better part of his mornings cleaning up libelous edits to his wikipedia page, mostly concerning his sexuality. Now that his wiki page is gone we're asking you to send in your thought...