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A Gutted 285 Kent is Now on the Market for $8K a Month

The Brooklyn warehouse is on Craigslist—"very near the new Two Trees Domino Sugar Factory development."

So, Brooklyn is the second most expensive place to live in the US and your neighborhood is turning into a luxury development colony for tech entrepreneurs. The Polish deli is now a kombucha-brewing boutique, and the last of Williamsburg's Great DIY Venues is now fully gutted and back on the markek.

Yes, we've read all of the New Yorker and New York Times and Pitchfork reflections on the death and life of this fablulous shithole, and yes, we've all spent late nights and early mornings on its dancefloor sweating to gnarled industrial techno rhythms and licking our friends' palms. And let's be real; beyond the extremely reasonable drink prices and the killer programming, the venue itself kinda sucked, which is what made it great. The ventilation was bad, it was populated by #seapunks, and on the night of a big show you'd be lucky to even shoulder your way into the main room.

We have so few feasible venues for no-frills dancing in North Brooklyn that 285 was our go-to, and we came to love it. It's on the market now at $8,000 a month—on the higher end of Williamsburg rental prices for something this size, but not astronomical. And one can only speculate the soaring rent prices as 2014 moves into 2015, and the building's neighbor, the Domino Sugar refinery turns into the Two Trees Domino Sugar Factory Development.

We don't like to encourage "hate-reading"—it's usually a clickbait-y bid for traffic, and the last thing we need is more stuff to be angry at—but this one slapped us all in the face, so… here it goes. Want a new office? It's got a crazy vibe.