285 kent

  • A Scene Grows In Brooklyn: The Genesis of Mas Ysa

    The electronic musician talks creative flop houses, steel drum samples, and the Williamsburg warehouses that inspired him.

  • We Saw Hunx and His Punx at 285 Kent

    Hunx and His Punx played at 285 Kent two nights ago. Ssion was there. Lots of local gay icons were there. Jonathan Toubin was there with his mom, and I was there with my camera snapping shots.

  • We Saw This: Kitty Pryde at 285 Kent

    Kitty, who used to go by Kitty Pryde, played inside of 285 Kent on Thursday. I was there with my camera hunting for a scoop. My ability to scope out scoops is how I got my nickname, "Scoops."