Our 26 Best Hangover Cures

Our 26 Best Hangover Cures

Feeling a little rough this morning? We've got you covered.
December 29, 2017, 8:00pm

Here at MUNCHIES, we know a thing or two about hangovers. There are, of course, countless ways to cause a hangover, but only the true bon vivant is adequately equipped to cure one with food and drink alone. You could get all medical and take a couple of ibuprofen, or you can just let the party continue in the AM (or PM) with these very reliable remedies.

These recipes have all the egg yolks, spiciness, and hair of the dog that you could possibly need on those mornings when you’re not at your sharpest or most hydrated. So, butter up your frying pan, crack open the Fernet, and let the healing begin.

Obviously, double starch is high on the list of time-tested alcohol absorption methods and chorizo has never met a hangover that it could not alleviate. These burritos bring all of the above together in a warm flour tortilla blanket, much like the one keeping you alive on a painfully slow morning.

There’s shrimp and grits, and then there’s shrimp and grits by Nina Compton of Compère Lapin, who adds fiery chili paste and Chinese sausage to the shrimp, not to mention a cup of parmesan, a cup of cream, and a lot of butter to the grits equation. You’ll be good for the rest of the day.

It doesn’t get more processed than Spam, American cheese, and instant ramen cooked together in the noodle bag, but you can eat it in bed, on the bus, or under an overpass as you walk home on a Sunday morning, so its survival value can’t be overlooked.

Croque Madame Recipe

“Croque Madame” is not French for “The Queen of All Hangover Cures,” but it might as well be. This classic is by no means dainty and the “Bonjour, sunshine” egg yolk is like a yellow mirror that lets you take stock of where you're currently at in life. The béchamel, ham, and cheese will put you back to sleep in no time.

Irish coffee gives you your stimulant and your depressant at the same time, like a speedball but way less dangerous and way more delicious. There’s nothing like heavy cream to bring caffeine and alcohol together, and the soothing properties of Irish coffee are legendary.

Ultimate Hangover Sandwich Recipe

The name of this sandwich kind of speaks for itself, but in case you’re wondering what’s in the ultimate hangover sandwich, it’s a stack of deli meats, cheese, and fresh vegetables piled onto fresh Tuscan bread, with an obligatory fried egg. Step 6 of this recipe is really the key.

Moroccan Scramble Recipe

When it comes to mending a night of alcohol-induced dehydration and bad sleep, we can’t stress the importance of spice enough. It can cut through all of the requisite starch and cheese, right to the core of your hangover and make you feel things again. This Moroccan scramble is a perfect example of that, with enough Aleppo peppers and Fresno chilies to remind you that you’re still alive.

Want to be able to eat a hangover cure, but not have to crawl back into in a meat coma? There are options out there, like this eggplant curry that will provide the urgent sustenance required but won’t immobilize you with meat and cheese. Get on with your day.

Bloody Batra Recipe

A Bloody Batra is not merely a Bloody Mary with a couple of adjustments. The lime, green chillies, and bengali mustard seeds here provide a depth of flavor and heat that you’re just not going to find in your typical brunch cocktail.

The French figured out a long time ago that the baguette can do wonders for the heavy drinker. Got some black beans and melty cheese leftover in the fridge from burrito night? Having a baguette handy will allow you to create an open-faced sandwich that is like a crispy surfboard keeping you above the filthy waters of the hangover.

This is great if you’ve just hosted the greatest sleepover of all time. With ten pounds of masa and forty corn husks, you can bring a lot of friends back from the brink with cheese- and squash-filled tamales. It’s important to help those in need.

Conversely, if you only have a cup or so of masa in the pantry, you can always scale back and fry up some huaraches instead, topping them with crunchy lettuce, cool sour cream, and your favorite hot sauce.

Crispy hash browns with a super silky potato interior is not just the stuff of fast food alchemy. Using French technique and Australian recipes, Nico Alary and Sarah Mouchot of Paris’s Holybelly have created a bite-sized hash brown that you can down like hot, savory doughnut holes. We apologize in advance to the roof of your mouth.

It doesn’t get much more healing or hearty than a big ol’ morning-after hash in a cast iron pan and Matty Matheson’s recipe is surprisingly balanced here. Full of radishes, heirloom tomatoes, and cilantro, this big, crunchy mess of a breakfast is best served on a piece of toast.

The words “Breakfast Negroni” might sound terrifying, but the Cocoa Puffs-infused vermouth in this recipe really mellows out the classic Italian cocktail. Cutting orange peels into little, fun shapes is like hangover arts and crafts and a reminder of how far you’ve come since the days when just milk and cereal were enough to make you feel good in the morning.

Eggslut is not fucking around. This sandwich was seemingly designed for the most face-melting of hangovers, with cornstarch-coated Spam, Hawaiian dinner rolls, and enough spicy mayo to line your stomach like Pepto-Bismol. We don’t don’t just the word “ultimate” around like it's no big deal; this is actually the ultimate breakfast sandwich.

If you’re capable of incredible foresight, you can always make your hangover food the day before. This loaf is stuffed with bacon, cheddar, and old bread and will be sitting faithfully, waiting for you, and gently whispering, “Let me cure you, child” from the kitchen counter as you stumble toward your coffee machine.

Hash Brown Casserole Recipe

This casserole is an ode to processed foods and their strange alchemy of hangover-helper properties. Cornflakes, cream of chicken soup, and a pint of sour cream in a casserole dish could kill or cure you, though we strongly suspect that it will be the latter.

Soup for breakfast? Yes, of course, soup for breakfast. But sometimes just one kind of soup isn’t enough to revive you. Sometimes, birria ramen is the only brew potent enough to cleanse your mind and body of crippling hangxiety. There are enough beef bones and spices in here to stave off just about any negative thought.

Sometimes, you get a fancy hangover that calls for something a little more soigné than deep-fried everything with cheese for breakfast and that’s why smoked salmon exists. Eggslut’s Alvin Cailan has got us covered here once again, with a rich smoked salmon brioche sandwich full of mayo, sour cream, and cream cheese. It will make you feel like the decadent drunk that you are.

You could go grab some fast food, sure, but this one's for all the hungover overachievers—who can still muster up the strength to do the most, while feeling the worst. When the greasy goodness of a cheeseburger just isn't cutting it, put all that meat and cheese in a spring roll and fry it.

It takes a decent amount of creativity to bring kewpie, mortadella, and Babybel cheese together seamlessly, but such is the predicament of the barren hangover fridge. It’s kind of like an MSG grilled cheese, but without the gooey-ness, relying instead on the hot-cold contrast of deli meats and firmer cheese. Of course, once the yolk is broken, everything will make sense.

Fergus Henderson let us in on a little secret a while back and we are forever grateful. It’s a ridiculously simple hangover cure consisting of just Crème de Menthe and Fernet Branca. It’s mouthwash for your brain and a menthol cigarette for your soul. Thanks, Doc.

If you can operate a frying pan, you can make this hangover cure. It’s a great way to use up that massive head of cabbage that’s been in your vegetable crisper for too long, to re-season any meat that is on its way out, and to lay it all down on a bed of roti.

This sandwich looks like contemporary art but tastes like a British classic with boiled ham hocks, piccalilli, and an ornate crown of julienned potatoes. Best consumed in the morning with a pint of beer while wearing a tweed hunting hat.

A certain chicken chain may be closed on Sunday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bounce back from a Saturday abyss with a homemade fried chicken burger that’s just as good and doesn’t require interacting with society. You've inflicted this damage on yourself, but you've also earned the right not to be seen.