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SNES Classic Pre-Orders Finally Happening Later This Month

Nintendo is also promising to ship way more of them. We'll see.
Image courtesy of Nintendo

If you, like me, have found yourself frustrated at the inconsistent information about SNES Classic pre-orders, we should have answers soon. Perhaps in response to the recent Wal-Mart pre-order debacle, in which a lot of people thought they'd secured a machine only to have their orders cancelled, Nintendo has clarified that pre-orders at "various retailers" will start "later this month."

Perhaps more importantly?


A significant amount of additional systems will be shipped to stores for launch day, and throughout the balance of the calendar year.

That seems to suggest Nintendo wants to avoid the massive shortages (and inflated eBay prices) that plagued the NES Mini almost immediately. Here's hoping they can actually pull it off, even as it remains difficult to find and buy a Switch.

The right way to do this is for Nintendo to have pre-orders starting at every retailer at the same time, giving people a decent shot to secure a SNES Classic from one of them. It's unclear if that's how it will actually be handled.

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