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Sakara, Our Fave Bougie ‘Plant-Rich’ Meal Service, Has Launched a ‘Fall Reset’

When we want to be shamelessly Gwyneth-y, we spend our hard-earned clams on the service's "plant-rich" cinnamon buns and pastas.
Sakara, Our Favorite Bougie Vegan Meal Service, Has Launched a ‘Fall Reset’
Photo courtesy of Sakara

Can you smell what The Rock every coffee shop chain on American soil is cooking? It’s that familiar synthesis of cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg, with a side of spookiness, nostalgia, and intarsia sweaters. That’s right, fellow sweaty people longing for relief—Type O Negative season fall is finally upon us (Saturday is the fall solstice). And you know what that means: It's time to put all of your oversized basketball shorts in storage until next summer (the Tevas can stay—just add socks), let soup back into your life, and contemplate the eternal struggle of wanting to stay healthy while simultaneously craving wanting to drown in a bounce house filled with mashed potatoes and candied yams.


Enter Sakara, the vegan meal delivery service that celebrities are straight-up obsessed with (and that we gave a test run and discovered is actually, like, really good). The TL;DR on the bougie, cult-fave service is that it’s a fave of hot-healthy-people icons like Gwyneth Paltrow, Chrissy Teigen, and Hilary Duff; longtime Victoria’s Secret model Lily Aldridge is even a brand ambassador. (Choice quote from Aldridge about her Sakara addiction: “Whenever I start my day with Sexy Cinnamon Buns, I'm like, life is good.”) All of Sakara’s meals are carefully crafted to balance chef-curated flavor profiles with maximum nutrients, and everything’s ready to eat in less than five minutes. Is it the cheapest meal delivery service in the world? No. But is it the perfect one for hot, lazy people who want to have abs and harbor strong manifestation capabilities? Yes, undoubtedly. 

Now, I know what you're thinking. Vegan? In the fall? What about 500-calorie pumpkin spice lattes, buttery mashed starches of all kinds, and massive piles of Milky Way Midnights “confiscated” from your niece’s Halloween-candy-stuffed pillowcase? Well, hold onto your beanies, because Sakara just launched a Fall Reset program that just might be the only genuinely healthy-sounding fall-food extravaganza we’ve ever salivated over. In addition to an array of fitness-friendly, nourishing meals that taste straight outta the hot bar at Erewhon (@those who don’t live in LA: this means they taste good), the program includes a Sakara x La Ligne sweater and a full month of access to online workout platform The Sculpt Society if you subscribe for the full four-week sprint.


Picture this: You wake up on a crisp fall morning, and instead of joylessly biting into a rubbery protein bar or crying into your Vitamix after realizing you’re missing several essential smoothie ingredients, the scent of Cinnamon Cider Donuts and Maca Apple Crisp fills the air. (Yes, those are actual breakfasts from Sakara’s forthcoming, ever-changing weekly menus.) When lunch rolls around, you reach into your fridge and grab one of the plant-rich, ridiculously nutritious meals that Sakara delivered to your door; will it be Restorative Lasagna Soup with Tomato Focaccia and feta “cheeze”? Maybe the signature “Niçoise” salad with adzuki bean tempeh and a cashew nut "egg", or Sakara’s signature meat-free burger (a fave of our editorial director) with coconut bacon and chile cashew creme? Just depends on which day of the week it is. (Again, check out our ridiculously detailed review of the service’s meals for the lowdown on just how tasty they are, and why.) 

sakara meals.jpg

Some of the tasty-looking meals from Sakara's fall menu, including Restorative Lasagna Soup and Pumpkin Pie Parfait.and Pumpkin Pie Parfait. Photo: Sakara

It's not just about how tasty the meals sound—the whole point of the Fall Reset, says Sakara, is to jump into autumn like it’s a crunchy pile of autumn leaves (don’t do that, I sprained my ankle last year doing that) glorious opportunity to get even hotter than you were at the beginning of this summer, before you drank a minimum of three jalapeño margaritas every night. Sakara's plant-rich, gluten-free meals are packed with nutrients that will make your bloat melt away, your brain forgive you, and your skin glow brighter than a KISS Halloween pumpkin


Let's not forget the convenience factor: Fall means busy schedules filled with cider-making, leaf-peeping, and figuring out your primary target for cuffing season. Who has time to cook elaborate meals when you could be binge-watching Gilmore Girls? Sakara shows up at your house with all the feel-good, taste-good, seasonally optimized meals your spooky little heart could desire, and post-Fall Reset, you’ll be in prime shape to bust out the gorpcore jackets, lace-up boots, and plaid skirts that make autumn unequivocally the sexiest season of the year. (Weight loss is not something Sakara touts as a benefit of its food, but our editorial director lost four pounds without even trying when she ate Sakara meals for just five days—just sayin’.)

So, why wait until Dry January to stop being a hedonistic layabout and start making healthy resolutions? With more than three months laying ahead of holiday parties, convivial drinking, and an overabundance of pie, this just might be the perfect time to listen to October Rust eat some plants, baby. Pumpkin Pie Parfait and Southwestern Sunset Stew, LFG.

Learn more about Sakara’s Fall Reset here.

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