What It’s Like Treating Depression and Anxiety Through Therapeutic Photography

In British Columbia, we meet Bryce Evans, who has merged his passion for photography into helping those with in his community struggling with anxiety and depression.
October 4, 2016, 5:14pm

We travel to British Columbia to meet Bryce Evans, a young photographer who learned to treat his depression and anxiety by expressing himself with his camera. After receiving his first camera in 2009 and discovering a new outlet for his struggles, he began using his creativity and passion to not only help himself but others.

Bryce founded The One Project, a platform created by a young community of likeminded people who are sharing their struggles and work through events like photowalk meetups, which bring people together and get them offline to overcome things like social anxiety.

We also dive into how photography is a more meaningful way of therapy to millennials in our current visual-based culture.

Presented by My Giving Moment.