Apparently, Eating Entire Sticks of Butter on the Subway Is a Thing

A viral video from 2016 raises old questions about why tf people are doing this.
Screenshot via Instagram

Over the weekend, a Facebook page called “I’M STILL SO NYC”—all caps all theirs – posted a 22-second video of a man on the New York City subway calmly unwrapping a stick of butter and taking a giant bite out of it. If he knows that he’s being filmed, he doesn’t pay attention. Maybe he’s just too blissed out on that sweet unsalted butter, or maybe he was feeling smug about going Dirty Keto before it was a thing. (Or, maybe he’s just baked out of his mind.)


“I love me some butter but hott damn I don't love it as much as this guy does,” I’M STILL SO NYC captioned the clip, punctuating it with that green-faced about-to-barf emoji.

Whoever this butter-eater is, he’s been serenely enjoying a mouthful of saturated fat for at least two years—or at least, he’s been online for that long. The video was originally posted on the SubwayCreatures Instagram account in July 2016. “Crushing butter like a Snickers,” it wrote.

But who is this man? And was this an honest stick-of-butter snack, or something staged for the internet’s amusement? We reached out to the guy who reportedly submitted it to @SubwayCreatures two summers ago, who asked not to be named and said that he had sold the rights to MTV and couldn't offer any more information.

What we do know is that this guy is not the first person to bite into a stick of butter while riding on public transport. In the past few years, at least four other people have seen a stranger eat butter on the subway, in both New York and Toronto. Was one of them the same Butter Eater in the video? And, if so, how long has he been doing this? On the other hand, if this is a hoax, did one of these tweets serve as his inspiration? Is that what made him decide “Hey, let’s buy a box of butter and see about going viral?” WE’VE GOT TO KNOW.

If you know the story behind this particular snack choice, please get in touch with us. If you are that guy, first we like your hat. Next, what the fuck? And if you’re someone who eats butter sticks on the reg, then you should drop us a note, too, and explain yourself.