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This 'Battlegrounds' Moment Proves That Kill Cams Are Good, Actually

During yesterday's Breakfast and Battlegrounds, we stumbled into a mystery that only a replay function could solve.

As we get closer and closer to the 1.0 release of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, there is a seeming tug-of-war between excitement for the game's upcoming features and frustration that one of the biggest games of the year is still struggling with a serious cheater problem. Sure, a new map and the ability to vault over mid-sized walls sound good, but it can be hard to stay stoked for the game when every other post I see about it online is about wall hacks. It's 2017. Why am I being made to care about wall hacks.


But, thankfully a recent string of test events have let players try out some of the soon-to-be-released features, like the above mentioned vaulting, a new damage model, and most recently, a kill cam—which allows the recently dead (me) to see how they met their untimely ends (you shot me from a distant hill, showing a degree of precision and patience I could never hope to achieve.)

I've been hoping for a kill cam since friend-of-the-site Steve Kim first made me think of it back in May:

And now, thanks to the public test server, I can say that it is extremely good. Watch the full game above to see the kill cam in action a few times. And if you don't have that sort of time, then please, at least watch the below clip, which has an entire arc from "ridiculous action movie" to "the conclusion of a conspiracy thriller."